Teton Road Running Club

Teton Road Runners is a friendly and family oriented running club dedicated to promoting running and helping runners realize their fitness goals. We believe that above all, running should be fun. The club welcomes all abilities of runners, social and serious. If you like competition, you’ll find it. On the other hand, if you’re a middle of the pack or beginning runner, you’ll find plenty of company at our club runs.

We hold group runs every Saturday morning at 7:00 A.M. for runners of all ages and abilities. We start and finish at the Nature Park in Rexburg. These groups runs are supported with aid stations and a variety of courses.

We’d love new members of ALL levels and abilities, whether you are just starting on a fitness program, just bored and need something crazy to do, or preparing to run a marathon and beyond. Come join us for a couple of runs!

For more information:

Email: Cathy

Phone: 208.745.7289

or visit us on Facebook


Affiliated with Road Runners Club of America, Teton Road Runners is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit club that is dedicated solely to the stated objectives of its incorporation: the promotion and encouragement of long distance running and the education of the public to its benefits.

  1. Good morning! In an effort to spread the word of our upcoming Charity Race, I am asking everyone I know to help me. With that said, would it be possible for my event and/or flyer to be listed on your site?
    Thank you!
    - Emily A. Geisler

  2. Sure. Send me the details through the email above and I will list it on our calendar.

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